Business Owners Insurance

Any business active today can require a myriad of different insurances to protect itself, including:

  • General Liability, which covers contractual, personal and advertising injury, as well as liability protection; and
  • Small Business Worker’s Compensation insurance, which protects a small business from losses as a result of worker’s compensation.

Also available are a variety of business-oriented life insurances including:

  • Business Life Insurance, which basically ensures a business lives on in the case of something happening to the owner;
  • Partnership Life Insurance, which ensures a partnership is covered in case something happens to a partner;
  • Sole Proprietorship Life Insurance, which ensures an individual’s estate is protected from business debt liability; and
  • Stockholder Life Insurance, which creates a pre-death, buy-sell agreement and arranges the sale of stocks to remaining shareholders should something happen to one or more of the business owners.

A variety of associated business-owner insurances are also available, such as:

  • Business Auto, which covers the unique auto insurance needs of business owners;
  • Crime, which helps protect a business from acts of dishonesty such as an employee using a client’s credit card information;
  • Property, a customized Property insurance to cover such losses as vandalism; and
  • Surety Bond Program, which creates a contract for the fulfillment of an obligation.