Workers Compensation Insurance

The underlying strategy of our Workers’ Compensation program is to establish a partnership among the four participants: the injured employee, the employer, the medical provider and the insurance company. The goal is to deliver the correct benefits quickly and efficiently at a fair cost. The complete medical and disability management program is designed to help control a business’s Workers’ Compensation premiums.

Care includes:

  • Preferred Provider Organization, which is an extensive network of industrial clinics, physician specialists and hospitals;
  • Utilization Management, where treatment plans are reviewed using the latest in computerized medical guidelines;
  • Early return-to-Work Programs, because bringing employees back to work as soon as medically feasible saves substantial sums in temporary disability payments;
  • Bill Review, where every bill is checked for pricing, appropriateness of the treatment, and billing overlap.

Our management services also include:

  • Loss Control Services, which help in reducing the frequency and cost of injuries;
  • Fraud Control, where our representatives identify when a claim needs further investigation;
  • Classification Review, where we review a business’s individual classifications to ensure the correct premium is being charged;
  • Premium Audit Service, where we help the client understand premium classifications and ensure the chosen premium is calculated at the correct rate;
  • Claims Specialists, where for example, our Workers’ Compensation specialists review medical expenses and manage legal costs;
  • Same-Day 4-Point Contact, in which, on the day the claim is received, a same-day contact with the employee, employer, medical provider and agent is initiated.